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Orange collection - Shelf 1   Orange collection - Shelf 2       New in box serving set - salt/pepper, salad ladles & 4 linen napkins   Unused (1970's?) ice bucket   Superman orange drink container  
Barware - bar top container     Small 7" mushroom tray   Large 13" mushroom tray   Linen bar rag   Set of 8 faux tortoise shell coasters with holder  
 Left item - Meat tenderizer   Left item - Chopper/mincer   2 Tang dispensers on either end   Left item - Unopened Birley's orange drink; flashlight & tall thermos container   Left item - Unopened Donald Duck box of straws, cocktail napkins & small thermos bottle   Playboy ashtray on right  
Left back - salt/pepper
'shotgun shell' shakers +
2 ashtrays &
4 barware pouring spouts
  Travel alarm clock & pair of "California" salt/pepper shakers   Book of matches,
Barbie/Ken/Midge accessories pamphlet,
unused orange beverage label
  Close-up of matches in previous image   Unused 35mm slide viewer & set of Hong Kong Scenery slides from the 1950's   New in box Dymo labeler (1970's?)  
1962 Seattle World's Fair items - 2 glasses from set of 8, LP cover